Main Street 6 Ton Trucking Weight Limit

The Village of Menomonee Falls will be posting and enforcing a 6 ton weight limit on Main Street between Elder Lane and Pilgrim Road in October, 2017. This weight limit applies to all through truck traffic. Impacted parties should utilize alternative east-west routes along other arterial streets.

The six ton weight limit is being put in place following completion of the first phase of the Main Street reconstruction project to reduce noise and congestion for visitors and residents in the downtown area. The 6 ton weight limit does not apply to trucks and buses serving businesses and residents along the weight restricted portion of Main Street

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6 Ton Weight Restriction Map Cropped


In 2016, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation decommissioned Highway 74 along this stretch of Main Street and transferred jurisdiction to the Village of Menomonee Falls. In accordance with recommendations in the 2010 Village Centre Master Plan, heavy truck traffic is being rerouted off of Main Street through downtown Menomonee Falls in order to make Main Street more comfortable and inviting for residents and visitors. The rerouting of truck traffic also supports 2015 Comprehensive Plan recommendations to minimize conflicts between different forms of transportation and to promote walkable destinations in redevelopment corridors.

Weight Limit Signage 

The Public Works Department will be installing signage posting a 6 ton weight limit at several locations along Main Street between Elder Lane and Pilgrim Road in northern Menomonee Falls. Additionally, advance warning signs for the 6 ton weight limit will be installed along Main Street as far west as Town Line Road and as far east as Interstate 41/US 45 to promote the use alternative east-west roadways in advance of the weight restricted portion of Main Street. Advance warning signs will also be installed along collector and arterial roadways which intersect Main Street in the vicinity of the weight restricted corridor.

Local Serving Trucks & Buses

Trucks over the 6 ton weight limit will be allowed for local service to businesses along the weight restricted portion of Main Street, businesses in the downtown area, and residents who live along Main Street.  Buses will be allowed to continue to provide local service along Main Street. Local bus service includes (but is not limited to) school buses, senior transportation buses, and public transportation buses.


The load limit posting will begin in October, 2017 and will remain in place permanently thereafter.

For further information about the 6 ton weight restriction, contact the Menomonee Falls Engineering Department
at (262)-532-4400 or