Backup Prevention Tips

Owner Responsibility
A property owner can help prevent the lateral and Village main from backing up. Being careful about disposal of certain products will make the systems more efficient, cause fewer backups, cost less money, and prevent a lot of clean-up.

Washing grease down the drain with hot water is not satisfactory. Pour cooking oil into a container and throw it in the garbage. If grease goes down the drain, cools off, and solidifies in the drain, the property owner’s line, or in the Village main the line will constrict and eventually clog.

Illegal Plumbing Connections
Do not connect French drains or sump pumps to your sanitary sewer. It is illegal, and debris and silt will clog your line. Consult a plumber to correct any illegal connections.

Please do not flush needles! The presence of needles in the wastewater collection system presents special and possible deadly problems for Sewer Utility employees. Please dispose of needles by re-capping and put it into a “sharps container”. (This could be any rigid plastic container such as a bleach bottle. Not milk bottles) When it is full, tape the container securely, and call your local pharmacy for advice on proper disposal methods. Please do not flush or throw them into the garbage.

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